Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Battle Ground Kennel

Owner: Donald and April Stocks
Contact: StocksAlaunts@yahoo.com

    The Stocks Alaunt program was started in the late 80's with a clear direction in the early 90's. This program is now in it's 10th generation breeding true to type. They are Performance Mastiffs that are Donald's interpretation of the Alaunt de Boucherie style dogs or Butcher Dog of the 17th century.


    Weight / Height

    Males 110-140lbs 25-28 inches at the withers.
    Females 95 -130 24-27 inches at the withers.

    can be solid or with white markings.
    Black, Brindle, Blue, Mahogany, Fawn, Tawny, and Red